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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's been a while

For all of you still following us, sorry for the lack of updates. I will explain what has been going on briefly. The biggest reason why there have been no updates is when I posted last I had reached my maximum amount of pictures (shocking, I know) I could upload, so I have been debating whether to delete some of the older pictures and/or posts or start up a new blog. I feel bad about deleting pictures as it how I go down memory lane sometimes. The other reasons why there have been no updates is just lack of time. I want to revamp the blog and it is just not getting done. I have been trying to get things done around here and there are still not enough hours in the day. I have also been trying to get away from taking so many pictures and enjoy the moments in real time...now don't think I have stopped completely! There are just times I choose to enjoy rather then capture it. We have been busy with doing things so I do have plenty of catching up to do, so once I do figure out what I am going to do you will have plenty to read about.
I have been revamping myself too. November 1st I turned over some new leaves...an adjustment to all areas of my life and it has paid off! I am getting into shape, I have given myself an attitude adjustment, I am looking at life thru better lens and feeling great (much more energy). So with all that said I am hoping that will help me get this updated and soon!
Thank you to all of you who have stuck with us. Hoping you will continue to do so.
Love, Jen :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

Today Liz and I worked on getting a train track setup on the train table. The train table was moved upstairs to the boys room a while ago. It was in the closet first and then when the boys got bunk beds it came out. It has been used to host parties and much more. Liz had fun helping me set it up and then being the first one to take the train for a trial run. Soon Alex joined us and finally Zach. Chugga chugga choo choo!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Going to the Zoo

We took yet another trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo. This time it was with Jeremy's family...Nana and Papa...Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Brent...and the girls-Mackenzie, Morgan and Maddie. The last time/first time we went to the zoo as a whole family it was well before Jeremy and I had kids...so a very long time ago.
The zoo does NOT get old for the kids. They love going. We try to let the kids...all the kids...lead us in what to see. This trip to the zoo included a train ride and a try at the carousel again. They all did great with both esp considering they were at the end of the day and they were tired.
Here is Alex and daddy on the train...
Here is Zach and me on the train...
Liz rode train in the car with Nana, Papa and Mackenzie...
Alex chose the giraffe (no surprise there)...it is one of two animals that does not move on the carousel...he said he was going to ride a moving one next time...
Liz got on a horse...unfortunately I could not get a shot of Zach from where I was with Liz.
What a great day it was. The kids had a blast! Treating ourselves to a family zoo pass was such a great idea and we have used it a lot and the kids have enjoyed each time.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reading, Drawing & More Reading

So with the start of the school year and the kids still attending daycare, Wednesday is the only morning we do not have to run. Luckily our community library hold storytime twice a week for free. One of those times is on Wednesday's morning, so it took a week or so to get it as part of our routine but we did it. Every storytime we go to we check out new books. The kids have lots of books at home but getting them from the library is way cooler. We try to read them before bed or whenever we have some quiet/sit down time. They each have their own way to pick out books...it can be the color of the book or what is on the cover or how big the book is or theme.
I took some pictures of daddy reading to the kids. This first picture actually was quite dark due to my camera being on it's last leg so I did some messing around with it to lighten it up...why work so hard on it...Zach's face is too precious not to share it...
It is amazing how things change...we have always had a rocker in the living room, so it has been in many pictures. The kids definitely fill it up now!
The other thing we have been doing new is using our dry erase board...they have one at school, so now it is all the rage. The kids practice their letters and making smiling faces and just doodling.
Alex's board time...
Liz's board time...
Zach's board time...
Jeremy got this picture tonight...I wondered if my kids would ever enjoy reading books, not just destroying them. They love them now! We enjoy them reading to us as well as us reading to them.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Football!!!

The goal today was to get the load of wood thrown in and do it prior to the Packer game starting. Thankfully my dad stopped by and lending a helping hand. We got it in and done by 11:55am...kickoff was at Noon. Although it is hard to sit and watch a game especially when there is always work to be done. Lucky for us Mother Nature helped us out with a little rain and not only did she do that but she held off until all the wood was in. So we all came in and it was time for some football.
When Jeremy walked into the living room this is what he saw...
Then everyone got comfy...
Two peas in a pod...I can see it now...I will need 3 recliners for the men in our family esp for football season...lol.
Just a quick FYI...we did not tell them to pose like this or even direct them to sit that way...this is ALL their doing.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We Built This City...

Tents are all the rage in our house. Tonight after supper the kids built a tent city. It was cute to watch them go into their own tent and then come out get some toys and go back in. The tents had to be fixed quite a few times but they had a blast. I see a lot more tent cities in our future. My sister Jackie and I were pros at making tents and I loved making them. It was nice to see them enjoy such a simple activity like I use to. Who knows maybe one time I will be caught in one...lol.
Zach looking sly...
Alex headed out for a toy...
Liz straightening her section...
Uh-oh...Zach what happened???

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"You're Not My Best Friend Anymore"

Anyone who has a little girl knows or will know eventually the drama that goes along with having a little girl. Today Liz threw a tantrum today at naptime. She eventually fell asleep. I came downstairs and began to relax on the couch. About half hour after Liz went to sleep she came downstairs. She came into the living room looked at me as I was looking at her. She quickly put her head down, told me I was not her best friend anymore (a phrase used often when life is not going their way) and proceeded to hide along side the chair. I let her be for a bit and then checked on her to find her fast asleep. When the boys woke up they asked why Liz was sleeping there. Very funny!